Neuroinformatics in The Netherlands


Graduate Schools / Institutes
European Graduate School of Neuroscience (EURON)
Graduate School Neurosciences Amsterdam (ONWA)
The Graduate School for Behavioral and Cognitive Neurosciences (BCN)
Rudolf Magnus Institute of Neuroscience
Experimental Psychology Graduate School (EPOS)
Nijmegen Institute for Cognition and Information (NICI)
Helmholtz Research Institute
School for Information and Knowledge Systems (SIKS)

Other Organizations
KNAW: Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and Sciences
NWO: Netherlands Organisation for Scientific Research
STW / NWO: Dutch Technology Foundation
ZONMW / NWO - Medical and Health Research Council
ALW / NWO - Earth and Life Sciences Foundation
SION / EW / NWO - Foundation for Informatics Research in the Netherlands
NCF - National Computing Facilities Foundation
Dutch Society for Biophysics and Biomedical Technology
SNN - Foundation for Neural Networks

World Intellectual Property Organization