Neuroinformatics in The Netherlands

Education and Training

KUN - Stichting Neurale Netwerken SNN
Computational Neuroscience (Masterphase Physics)
Content: models and theory about neurons, biological neuronal networks and information processing (Handbook of Biological Physics IV, Elsevier).
ASCI-course Adaptive Intelligence
(organized with UVA-IAS research group, Dr. B. Krose)
Topics: adaptive models for pattern recognition and data mining. Present focus on machine learning issues, but adaptable to future Neuroinformatics issues.
  • Introduction Pattern Recognition (Bishop, 6 EC points, Spring 2004)
  • Machine Learning (Mackay, 6 EC points, Spring 2004)
  • ASCI course advanced issues Neurocomputing (1 week course,
Toolkit for Neuroimaging: data-acquisition and analysis

UvA - SILS Center for NeuroScience
2nd year physics: membrane neurophysics
3rd year biology: Computational Neuroscience (3 weeks theory, 6 weeks simulation)
Master Neurobiology: Advanced Neuro Biology

TUE - School for Information and Knowledge Systems SIKS
Databases and Interactive systems
Implementation intelligent search in XML data

VUA - Institute for Neurosciences - Department of Experimental Neurophysiology - Institute for Integrative Bioinformatics
Bachelers / Masters courses in Bioinformatics

Master's course in Neuroinformatics (6 ECTS) (Spring 2006)
Aim: To provide the essentials of modeling neurons and neuronal networks and of analyzing spatiotemporal patterns of neuronal activity.
Content: Modeling ion channels, single neurons, neuronal networks, and learning and cognition. Methods for analyzing spatial and temporal patterns of neuronal activity. Introduction to simulation packages such as NEURON and MatLab.

Masters Neuroscience - Functional Imaging
Masters Neuroscience - Structural Imaging

RUG - Department of Mathematics and Computing Science
Master Courses in Scientific Visualization and Pattern Recognition

RUG - School for Behavioral, Cognitive and Neurosciences BCN
Courses, master classes and special lectures in Behavioral and Cognitive Neuroscience

ONWA - Graduate School Neurosciences Amsterdam
General Advanced Course in Neuroscience
Course Experimental Neurophysiology
Course in Morphometry and Stereology in Neurosciences

UVA - Department of Psychology
Methods in Cognitive Neuroscience
(Advanced) Signal analysis
Mathematical Psychology

TUE - Advanced School for Computing and Imaging ASCI
Yearly national PhD course Front-End Vision and Multi-Scale Image Analysis
(25-35 participants each year)

UT - University of Twente - Biomedical Signals and Systems - Neurotechnology
Academic regular and individually tailored courses on Neurophysiology, Stochastic processes, Nonlinear modeling, Neurotechnology, Signal analysis, Electrophysiological Signals and Bioelectricity.

On site training in culturing of neurons, patterning of networks, cleanroom MEA-technology.